June 2019

The Seidlits lab has been selected for an Innovation Award by the Broad Stem Cell Research Center. Thank you to the BSCRC!

The Seidlits lab has been selected for an Innovation Award by the UCLA BSCRC. These seed funds will be used on a research project titled “Towards combinatorial therapies for spinal cord injury: Development of biomaterials as a conductive interface between the spinal cord, transplanted stem cells and microelectrode arrays”. This is a highly interdisciplinary effort in collaboration with the labs of Prof. Nasim Annabi, Prof. Wentai Liu and Prof. Reggie Edgerton.

Congrats to Rebecca for receiving an NIH Biotechnology Training Grant Fellowship!

Rebecca has received a 2-year training fellowship (NIH T32GM067555) to support her research in spinal cord injury repair under the co-mentorship of Dr. Seidlits and Dr. Reggie Edgerton. Rebecca is working to develop a hydrogel biomaterial that can provide a conductive, biocompatible interface with the spinal cord to enable the success of two promising therapies: 1) epidural electrical stimulation through wireless microelectrode arrays and 2) neural stem/progenitor cell transplants. Congratulations to Rebecca on this impressive accomplishment!

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